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In line with our aims to provide the very best service available anywhere to both holiday takers & holiday property owners we have installed a new "chat" online service that allows you, our client, to "talk" directly with us.

You can "talk" to us regarding absolutely any query you may have about any service we offer (or any service you would like us to offer!) and receive an immediate reply.

It's extremely simple & straight forward to use but we recommend that you spend just a couple of minutes reading the explanations below just to familiarise yourself with the signs & what they mean 

If you see this:

in our "chat" box at the top of this page, it means someone is online and ready to "talk" over your query.  Click on the box & a much larger box will appear, this is your "talk" box.   Simply type in your query in the bottom area of this box and click on "send".   After a few seconds you will receive back our initial response which you can respond to by typing it in the bottom box and again clicking "send".   This process is then repeated until you are satisfied that you have received a complete answer to your query.   The service is FREE and your only cost is your internet access costs.


If you see this:

in our "chat" box, it means that there is no person available to talk to you at this time but you can send a message by filling out the form and clicking "send".   We will then get back to you and answer your query or set up a "talk" time with you. 


If you see this:

it means that someone is online but is presently unable to accept you for "talk" but will be available very shortly if you try again in a few minutes.


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