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Sardinia holiday accommodation plus Car hire, rentals & hotels

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Italy, countries maps,antique maps,antique globes, historical prints, travel guides, atlases, gazetteers
... OHC. CENG. Detailed map of Northern Italy in the early 17th Century ... in north Italy before the Italian unification. Inset of Sardinia. Very detailed with Napoleonic battle sites ...

Corsica & Sardinia - Hiking Tour Explores Island Treasures of France and Italy
Corsica's prehistoric Filitosa and white-sand beaches; Sardinia's unique language and customs; and sheep cheese, wine and wild boar. Coastal walks, mountain hikes, and cultural exploration. ... In Italy's Sardinia: prehistoric mountain village of Tiscali, exquisite ... Full Itinerary. Route Map. Suggested Reading List ... view a complete Detailed Itinerary, Download Full Itinerary ... | Sardinia Street Guide | Sardinia Street London, , England, UK | London Streets by Street
Sardinia Street London Street Guide, A comprehensive look at Sardinia Street, its neatby events, hotels, shop, restaurants and transport links. Detailed map provided along with other nearby streets ... our guide for the area around Sardinia Street in Camden ... The nearest underground station to Sardinia Street is '' A map of Sardinia Street ...

Phoenician Sea and Land Voyages and Routes, Hanno and Necho
Comprehensive studies on of everything Canaanite Phoenicians in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, world ... On close examination, a map of the Mediterranean shows that ... were across the Channel of Sardinia, and the Balearic Sea ... islands to the Western coast of Sardinia. All other usual ...

Map of Italy Sardinia - Michelin Road Maps
Italy Sardinia - Michelin 566. Michelin Italy Sardinia map show features in shaded relief with some spot elevations. The roads are highlighted, with road numbers and distances well marked. ... See also our more detailed maps of Italy: ...

X-SAR Mission X2, DT 066.31 Detailed Info:
... Site identification : G22 Site name : Iglesiente-Sardinia (1) DT Start time (GMT) : 04-OCT-1994/11:57:46 DT Stop time ... Detailed map at GMT 11:58:10 ...

Travels with S/Y Thetis 1996: Cagliari
... week trip with S/Y Thetis in 1996 from Greece to Malta, Sardinia, Ustica and Calabria in Italy, and back to Greece ... Detailed Map of Sardinia. Profile of Sardinia ...

Italy, Sardinia, Sicily
Italy, Sardinia, Sicily - Antique Maps and Prints of Italy, Sardinia and Sicily ... S.CARDON, Bay of Naples, magnificent map with detailed fields, volcanos, lava flows etc ... SDUK, Corsica/Sardinia/Balearics/Malta, detailed, outl col. 1831 ... | Sardinia
From Bora Bora to the Caribbean, Tahiti to Hawaii, and Bali to beyond, ISLANDS.COM takes you around the world with breathtaking photography and detailed destination information. ... its shoreline, a dramatic meeting of land and sea, then Sardinia is not only Italy's most beautiful isle ... Map Links: Sardinia. For more detailed maps, check these links. ...

Ancient Sardinia Tour - Maps
Maps. From this map of Sardinia you may choose several more detailed area maps. Each area map shows the distribution of the prehistoric sites we have visited and the plot of our tour.

Remarks on Mountain Biking in Sardinia
... Remarks on Mountain Biking in Sardinia. For summer holidays 2002 and 2004 we went for gorgeous beach und bike ... Accurate and detailed. Availabilty: same as the map listed above. ...

Italian map
... boxes containing the individual property names a more detailed map of that local area will appear ... Italian map showing Sardinia. Italian map showing Sardinia Sources of Italian maps ...

Offshore Travel - Map of Sardinia
Offshore Travel, Providers of Villas across Sardinia ... Click on chosen region. for detailed map and guide ...

Sardinia Weather
... This website provides detailed information on Sardinia Weather Apartments Sardinia Weather Vacation ... Map of Sardinia - Weather - Photo of Sardinia - Surveys ... Map of Sardinia ...

Prints Old & Rare - Italy page
... Atlas. Large map, hand outlined with excellent detailed information. Insets of Naples, Sardinia, Palermo and Messina ... Large scale, very detailed map with itinerary in English ...

... Crete. Sardinia. Sicily ... on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance ... 1. Map No. 3976 Rev. 10 UNITED NATIONS ...

TravelGuideWarehouse: Italy - Freytag & Berndt Road Maps
... They are highly detailed driving maps which fold to a compact size and feature sturdy covers and heavy ... 9.95) Freytag & Berndt Road Map: Sardinia {Sardegna} (List .95) Freytag ...

Heritage Antique Map Sales, Auctions, and Museum - Auction Catalog June 2001
Sales and auctions of rare and antique maps, atlases, globes, and books. Also educational services, collection development. ... A large, highly detailed map of the British Isles with a small inset showing the northern portion of ... Very good condition. Ptolemaic map of Sardinia, Sicily and many adjacent small ...

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