Sun Villas Direct :

We are not a real estate agency nor Property Managers.  We act as a medium giving internet advertising exposure to holiday properties on behalf of holiday property Owners and/or their Agents.   

Renters must satisfy themselves that any details described by the property owners and owner's agents are a true and correct description of the property.  Sun Villas Direct endeavour to advertise properties in a true and accurate manner, however, it is the Owner/Agent's responsibility to check each web-page advertised with us from time to time to ensure that no errors or misrepresentations or incorrect details are advertised therein.  Particular attention should be paid to this if a Booking is imminent, to ensure that any changes that have occurred have been fully updated by Sun Villas Direct. 

To the Owners and Renters:

Sun Villas Direct cannot guarantee the accuracy of any property listed. The information contained on each property web page are provided to us by the property owner or owner's agent.  We have not visited nor able to personally confirm any such details.

It is the sole responsibility of the renter to confirm any information contained within the sunvillasdirect.com site, or any other Sun Villas Direct site, directly with the property owner or owner's agent.

Furthermore it is the sole responsibility of the owner/owner's agent to provide such confirmation to the potential renter when requested to do so and to keep Sun Villas Direct informed and up-dated of any changes that occur during the Advertising period with Sun Villas Direct on any of their web-sites.

Sun Villas Direct is in no way responsible for the owners. Sun Villas Direct does not accept any responsibility for any misrepresentation given by the owners or their agents of the properties advertised on the sunvillasdirect.com website or any other Sun Villas Direct web-site.


You are required to give accurate and up to date descriptions of your property and ensure that any other information provided for inclusion on the sunvillasdirect.com site, or any other Sun Villas Direct site, is also up to date & accurate.  An accurate location description should be given by the owner or their agents and if this is not given, Sun Villas Direct do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the text therein written.  The full web-page should be checked for accuracy from time to time by the owner or their agents. 


It is your responsibility to confirm with the owners that all information appertaining to their property as detailed on their sunvillasdirect.com site(s), or any other Sun Villas Direct site, contain both up to date and accurate information.

Sun Villas Direct act only as an advertising media for individual holiday property owners and/or their agents.

Sun Villas Direct cannot accept responsibility for any aspect of a holiday booked through any of its web sites although it will assist vigorously in attempting to resolve any problem pertaining to a holiday booking, either before or during the holiday period booked.  Any such complaints or grievances should be put in writing during your holiday period booked.  No complaints or grievances can be dealt with after your holiday period has ended.

Your holiday contract is with the holiday property owner or the owner's agent.

Sun Villas Direct acts purely on behalf of the owner or owner's agent of the holiday property by providing a deposit payment facility.   The fact that Sun Villas Direct accept monies due to owners or owner's agents for their holiday properties does not constitute any kind of contract between the person(s) booking the holiday property and Sun Villas Direct.


Current sites owned & operated by Sun Villas Direct are:

http://www.sunvillasdirect.com       http://www.sunvillasdirect.co.uk


By using the services of Sun Villas Direct Ltd as an owner, owner's agent or a renter, you are hereby agreeing to the terms contained in this disclaimer.

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