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Terms & Conditions

Your holiday booking & your letting contract is with the Owner or Owners agent of the holiday property you are booking, not with Sun Villas Direct Ltd.   Sun Villas Direct Ltd provide an internet advertising facility for Owners & Owners agents around the world & provide a service that simplifies the booking procedure by allowing the holiday taker to book holiday rental properties online.   This online booking service, supplied by Sun Villas Direct Ltd, does not, in any way, imply a contract between the holiday taker & Sun Villas Direct Ltd.   The only contract the holiday taker enters into is that between themselves & the Owner or Owners Agent of the holiday rental property being booked.   Sun Villas Direct Ltd make best effort to ensure that the Owners or Owners agent supplies advertising copy to be used on any or all Sun Villas Direct Ltd websites that is accurate & not misleading.   Sun Villas Direct Ltd will pursue legal action against any Owner Or Owners Agent who deliberately misrepresent their holiday properties as advertised on Sun Villas Direct Ltd websites.   Every Owner or Owners agent advertising their Holiday Rental properties on any Sun Villas Direct Ltd has agreed to our disclaim conditions & would be in breach of their legal responsibilities were they to use misleading or ambiguous advertising copy.   You should also read the disclaim conditions pertaining to anyone booking a holiday online through any Sun Villas Direct Ltd websites.    Sun Villas Direct Ltd will, without prejudice, pursue any signed complaint made to it in writing within 72 hours of the cause of the complaint  occurring (fax is acceptable).   Photographic or suitable evidence, where applicable must be gathered by the complainant to support any complaint made.   If a complaint is deemed justified then Sun Villas Direct Ltd, without prejudice, will follow this up vigorously with the Owner or Owners agent responsible for the Holiday Rental property subject to the complaint.   The maximum compensation payable by Sun Villas Direct Ltd will not exceed the booking commission it receives for the Holiday Rental property that is subject to any complaint.   Any monies paid back by Sun Villas Direct Ltd to a client booking a Holiday Rental property that is subsequently the subject of a complaint will be absolutely without prejudice.   All compensation claims will be against the Owner or Owners agent of the Holiday Rental property not Sun Villas Direct Ltd or any of its Directors or employees.

Please note:

Sun Villas Direct Ltd work hard to ensure that all their clients have a great holiday experience and, having had a great holiday experience, return to us to repeat many future great holiday experiences!