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Maps.com has over 3,500 maps.


Sun Villas Direct is pleased to be able to provide you with many free internet resources.   Our resources of free maps for virtually all areas of the world are listed below.   These maps are intended to assist you in the initial planning of your trip.   However, for the kind of detail you are likely to require while actual visiting your chosen area, we would recommend a visit to the sponsors of this resource maps.com.   You will be able to choose online, order online & pay online for the exact detailed requirement for your own individual trip - and at very competitive prices!!  


FREE Quick reference maps of European countries:

United Kingdom

Touring Maps (to purchase online) 

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Country and Regional MapsCountry and Regional Maps
Folded travel maps from around the world. Here you will find maps of individual countries, particular regions, and entire continents. These maps are great for travel or as a general reference.
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International City MapsInternational City Maps
Navigating the streets of the world's most popular cities is easy if you have a good map! Shop here for international city maps to help you plan and enjoy your trip.
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U.S. City Folded MapsU.S. City Folded Maps
Major boulevards, city streets, or back alleys, these are the detailed maps that will help guide you through America's most popular cities.
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U.S. Folded MapsU.S. Folded Maps
When you need the whole country to fit in your pocket - look no further! A great reference to own and explore.
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U.S. State Folded MapsU.S. State Folded Maps
When travel takes you through and around a state,keep these detailed, easy to read maps handy. Available as traditional paper folded maps and in the new popular laminated style, designed for durability but still able to fold.
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Maps.com has over 3,500 maps.

FREE access to other useful maps (Continents, Countries & Cities)

Maps of the World - online - at your fingertips!

Country Map Sites

Maps of European Countries

Maps of Spain - Spanish Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural

UK Road Maps  - online - at your fingertips!

UK Road Journey Directions  - online - at your fingertips!

UK Local info - online - at your fingertips


Travel Guides (to purchase online)


Travel Guides

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At Maps.com we are constantly on the lookout for the best information, places to visit, behind the scenes scoop, and lowdown for the world's most traveled locales. Visit our Guide Books section and choose the type of travel guide to fit your style. Whether it's maximizing every dollar or a five-star resort, we have the guide books for you!
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Whether it's ordering espresso in Paris, train tickets in Tokyo, or finding the best café in Buenos Aries these Phrasebooks can be a traveler's best friend. Easy-to-use size and logical organization make these a handy addition for any travel where English is not the native tongue. Designed to assist with a great array of useful daily phrases and words, these are a great asset on the road.
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Diving and Snorkeling GuidesDiving and Snorkeling Guides
When it's time to explore the 'other' two-thirds or our planet you will want to peruse our selection of Diving and Snorkeling Guides. Here you will find detailed information for the Earth's most renowned underwater 'worlds.'
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Travel LiteratureTravel Literature
Read from your favorite armchair or out on the road, our selection of Travel Literature will entertain, illuminate, and open your eyes to the world! Look through our selection of titles and let your imagination take you to far-off places, or just take a book with you on your next trip.
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