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Why choose Sun Villas Direct?


A legitimate question we would expect every vacation property owner to ask regarding ourselves or any other service.  Please read the following carefully, it contains some very powerful questions and answers!


Q: Why advertise at all?

Firstly, exposure is paramount to the success of any venture - it can be by word of mouth and that is fine if you have the time & the money to wait for growth to begin - it can be by some other form of communication such as direct mail, tele-marketing, newspaper or magazine ads but all can be slow, result in little success and also extremely expensive for the smaller enterprise.   Secondly, exposure must be cost-effective with more opportunity for success.  The alternative is to do nothing and watch the enterprise die!


Q: How do I take the "gamble" out of advertising?

Advertising is always a gamble.  You are gambling on being in the right place at the right time!  You need those people who are likely to be interested in your property to see your advert - then you are in the right place at the right time!   Like all gambling you need to reduce the risk factor to a minimum by choosing the medium that gives you maximum exposure at a minimum cost.   The only medium that fits that criteria is the Internet.


Q: How does Sun Villas Direct fit into this?

Sun Villas Direct was set up to take the "gamble" out of advertising for owners of holiday rental homes.  It was set up and is run to ensure that owners enjoy the advantages of the 21st century's communication medium -  the Internet.  It is the worlds fastest growing communication vehicle ever and our internet marketing expertise ensures that our clients receive maximum exposure.   Sun Villas Direct's Marketing expertise is for 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year to provide a cost-effective service - second to none.   We integrate 5 major services into one package for every vacation property owner.


Q: Yes, I understand that but it's still a gamble, isn't it?

No, you can choose to remove the "gamble" entirely.   All our services can be fully utilised by any owner on the "no bookings - no fee" basis by opting for the payment by booking service - Sun Villas Direct incur all the setting up costs & Sun Villas Direct do all the marketing of your property - you only pay us when a booking is actually made.  This totally eliminates any "gamble" once and for all.


Q: But when you are successful in obtaining bookings for me, it will cost me more that way than taking your pre-paid 5 STAR or GOLD service, won't it?

Yes.  The 5 STAR & GOLD services are the most cost-effective services for holiday home owners anywhere on the Internet - but they have an element of "gamble" in them.   You could pay your annual fee and, although it is unlikely, you could receive no bookings at all.  However Sun Villas Direct have even reduced this "gamble" factor with its 1100% guarantee - a guarantee only offered because of our own confidence in our service to achieve for  you exactly what you want it to do - obtain bookings for your property!!


Q: Which would be the best of your services to use?

That depends on what suits you as an individual.  One extra booking will cover your Sun Villas Direct exposure many times over and the service that gives you the maximum exposure is the GOLD service plus our 1100% guarantee - however, if you want to reduce your risk factor to nil, you can have the GOLD service working for you without paying a penny piece by opting for the 15% payment only on booking.

If you want to reduce your initial costs by taking a service with slightly less exposure & facilities then you can opt for the 5 STAR service plus our 1100% guarantee - again, if you want to reduce your risk factor to nil, you can have the 5 STAR service working for you without paying a penny piece by opting for the 10% payment only on booking. 


Q: OK, that all seems to make sense, now how do I go about using the Sun Villas Direct service?

If you have not already read the details of our services click here first. 

If you are familiar with our services  Click here next and you will be taken to our Disclaimer page (necessary reading!) where you will find a link to our property owners order form.   The process has been simplified to provide maximum information with minimum fuss and allow holiday takers to view your property details almost immediately!!  


Sun Villas Direct 1100% Guarantee


Sun Villas Direct guarantee that during your first year of membership, you will receive paid rental bookings from your Sun Villas Direct 5 STAR or GOLD service worth at least 1100% of the annual cost of the service you choose. 

If you do not receive 1100% of your service fee in bookings during the first year of membership, notify Sun Villas Direct at and your membership will be extended indefinitely ABSOLUTELY FREE OF ANY CHARGE. 

This guarantee does not apply to cases where the property is not available for at least 9 months of the year.


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